anello #AT-B0197B small backpack with side pockets black - KPWRNTVSW

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  • 35 centimeters high

  • 24 centimeters wide

  • We are an official distributor in Japan. Desined in Japan. Kawaii, cute, and cool. Best for mothers, students, and any holiday activities.

  • This is a new type of 0197. There are side pockets on. Smaller size of atb 0193. Great for Travel, hiking, leisure, outdoor living, sports, any use.

  • Contains a wire to keep it opened widely

  • The brand Anello means Growth ring in Italian. We would like you to enjoy our minimally simple bags which can be used in various situations like piling up the annual rings. Our favorite backpacks especially are focused on functionality in reasonable price with many color variations.

  • Japan import. Made in China or Philippine. If it made in Philippine, the tag is printed as AT-B0197P.

  • anello #AT-B0197B small backpack with side pockets black - KPWRNTVSW

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